The Mystery of Logic. a work in progress

The Mystery of Logic. a work in progress

V’s reading w music: a deep deep dive for a sip from the source for succor from the sibyl in these troubled times

On November 17, 2016, at 7:00 pm (You will need to hear all the parts to assemble it.) and on and on for as long as it might take a human figure carved of ice to melt…



A work in progress


In which the lone ranging cowboy scholar


krV (spake) Shear ,


accompanied by


Carolyn Hietter

On alto sax/flute




Lucas McCrosson

On bass,


Will, in defiance of presently operative categories, lead the curious and alert – on an expedition tracking (deep breath here) the genealogy of mathematical perspective, “the modern, scientific paradigm of knowledge” – all the way back to its immaculate conception in the dream of a mystic reported in the in the manuscripts of a scholar saint, and then encapsulated in an omni-significant hieroglyph (a fresco by Giotto) that, when decoded, dissolves to reveal, at the pinnacle of the poetical.


The holy grail


From which precious few of the precious few stragglers with the wherewithal to wait for the ice to melt will dare to drink, but alas, the head without the guts on board is dead, so you’d probably best ignore this notice and stay home.